Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio
Floral VI - Urvashi Art Studio

Floral VI

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This spring celebrate new life with this original art collection of abstract florals have born.

Available on Standard A4 size on 300 GSM paper.

Comes signed at the back without frame in a secure hard back envelope.

Inspiration Story For This Whole Collection:

I have been driving to work one morning and there was little bit of snow falling. It was really cold though it wasn’t a lot of snow. I saw some trees already full of white flowers into people’s garden.

I felt this joy and excitement , that made me forgot that I am feeling cold and got me out from moaning about whether to the excitement of new life and spring. Those flowers kind of gave me hope that hey! it’s not too long now.

I couldn’t forget that feelings and I had to express it. So I started painting on paper and whole new collection born out of it.

Art Practice: In this collection I have used heavy texture, layers and etching using various tools like cue tips, palette knife and brushes.

Texture is delicious.


Framing Tip - Get it mounted and frame in wooden frame as it will looks gorgeous but do go ahead with the frames that goes with the interior.

I have left white borders on each painting.

Online Framers where you can find frames of your choice , upload picture of the artwork and order your bespoke frame. You can even send the artworks to them and they will send you finished artwork with frame.

For UK - https://www.eframe.co.uk/

FOR US and Districts of Columbia - https://www.framebridge.com

What makes us special?

Because we just get it

that little moments of joy matters whether to make someone feel special or cherishing yourself.

We aim to give you that warm and fuzzy feelings creating moments of joy.


I purchased art from her and am extremely happy 😃 with every painting I have seen. She has a beautiful personality & wants to spread her BEAU COLORS AND PAINTINGS TO ALL!! Love her & her Artworks!!

Mary Beth Sutton

Beautiful paintings, ordered a painting online and received it carefully packed and intact. Urvashi was happy to sneer any questions and was prompt in replying. She was very helpful and would defined recommend her paintings. Her paintings are different and brings about a different touch to any room.

Meera Patel

So warm, confident and peaceful. Love to have them on the sofa...


I have been watching your creative work and it’s breath taking. Unbelievable talent you have. Your design makes me feel like colours that speaks volumes. I see so much more coming from you, keep on going.


Love how this floral painting has given lift to the hallway

Archana Dhankar

Your pillow makes me stop scrolling... and I wouldn’t buy anything pink...but is very beautiful that makes me stop!

Veronica Green

I am in love with my Misty Blooms-Pink Abstract- Face Mask

These designs are beautiful!!! Make me feel like cuddling up with a face masks and good book for self care.

Maya Howard

Gooorgeous! (I never in a million years thought I’d be this passionate about pillows! ;)

Lindsay Eberts

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