Meet the Artist


Urvashi Patel is from India and now settled in the United Kingdom. Started as an Hobby artist on weekends when husband plays cricket, Urvashi is now known as a self taught emerging artist. 

Her work is known for those bold vibrant colours which has been there since her animal painting days. Urvashi's work is around nature, femininity and emotions.

For her it’s not the form of the subjects but the feelings and emotions. Her vibrant florals with expressive brushstrokes are now creating endless joyful moments for her audience.


Get to know Urvashi

  • Urvashi is a crazy fan of Chinese and Korean period dramas.
  • Pink lover.
  • Support women empowerment and believe in saving the world from turning into robots.
  • Not Vegan but supports animal welfare.
  • Apart from painting, Urvashi loves dancing, singing, trying to learn one musical instrument, writing quotes.
  • Deep thinker about human existence.
  • Introvert.
  • Love Indian Masala Chai(Tea).