Abstract Florals on Paper


      This spring celebrate new life with this original art collection of abstract florals have born.

      Available on standard  300 GSM paper.

      Comes signed at the back without frame in a secure hard back envelope.

      Inspiration Story For This Whole Collection:

      I have been driving to work one morning and there was little bit of snow falling. It was really cold though it wasn’t a lot of snow. I saw some trees already full of white flowers into people’s garden.

      I felt this joy and excitement , that made me forgot that I am feeling cold and got me out from moaning about whether to the excitement of new life and spring. Those flowers kind of gave me hope that hey! it’s not too long now.

      I couldn’t forget that feelings and I had to express it. So I started painting on paper and whole new collection born out of it.

      Art Practice: In this collection I have used heavy texture, layers and etching using various tools like cue tips, palette knife and brushes.

      9 products

      9 products