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Women Artists - Pitch Your Stories

It’s not about what you create. It’s about why you create. Why you do the thing you do.

Your story matters. Tell your story. Don’t wait to be famous to tell your story.
Beginning of your story is as important as the journey and final destination.

For this reason I am planning to launch a platform for emerging women artists to share their stories.

As an emerging artist, we are always reluctant to share our story.
I want to provide you non judgmental space to tell your stories.
It will be online to start with.

I am inviting you all to pitch your stories to get feature on this platform. I will soon announce the platform when it is ready.

We won't be editing, so please write your stories based on below outline, 2-3 high resolution pictures (1350 x 650 Pixels) and send it at team@urvashiartstudio.com.


Story Outline.

  • Tell us about yourself and how you started as an artist.
  • Message you want to convey through your art.( It could be as simple as spreading joy)
  • Any upcoming shows planned?
  • What keeps you going?
  • Your Inspiration