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Top 5 tips for Artist Self Photoshoot

Lockdown restrictions are not being lifted and so we always find workarounds right? I have been planning a photoshoot for my website but it's getting tough due to restrictions here in the UK and we went to another lockdown in December. This is when I decided to do my own photoshot. Not a professional kind but I think they are ok for now for website and social media content.

1. Inspiration

Gather inspirations, I find instagram is the best place search for hashtags #selfphotoshoot or search on google artist photoshoot.Pick few images for inspiration and recreate it.

2. Outfits

You will need to decide on your clothes for the day as I picked pink outfit #pinkobsessed


3. Lighting.

Don't do it in direct sunlight if you are going for professional kind photos. Again it depends on you but best light is in morning 10-11. I picked a bit cloudy day so there wasn't any harsh light.

You can also go for selfie ring lights but for me daylight was enough.

Face towards windows to get best light on your face and on you.

4. Camera Setup

If you are using DSLR camera (which I highly recommend) , get a cheap remote from Amazon for your camera and a tripod.
it really helps as you just have to set the camera at perfect angle on tripod and click a button on remote.

If you are using your phone, there are remotes available with tripods on amazon for phone. But I use self timer to capture picture on my phone.

5. Poses - if you have mirror behind the camera is great. You can see your own poses. I didn't have mirror but I left my phone front camera on by the side to see myself.


I also learned a lot from Sorelle Amore. Checkout her Youtube Channel to learn more about Photography.