Taking charge of emotional wellbeing

Taking charge of emotional wellbeing

As an artist, I have experienced that emotional wellbeing plays major role in my mental health.
When my emotions are everywhere, I feel mentally and physically ill.

Even the most desired changes in life can be stressful.

Like getting a job promotion
Moving to new home or country.
Having a baby.

We always see negative things in life as stressful but I want to put emphasis on positive things as well.

We don't have to feel guilty about expressing our feelings whether it comes from positive changes or negative.

Supressing emotions will lead to more stress and lead to even depression.
Involving in some kind of activity you enjoy helps coping stress.

For me it is

  • painting
  • speaking with loved ones
  • sharing it with someone
  • listening to music
  • Taking up any hobby helps a lot.
  • Going for a walk
  • spending time in nature
  • learning new language
  • musical instrument or even baking or cooking.

Anything that gives you joy. Add that in your daily life.

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