Pros and Cons of Buying Art Direct from Artists

Pros and Cons of Buying Art Direct from Artists

Are you looking for a perfect artwork for your home? or Starting your Journey as an Art Collector?
If you are still figuring out the type of art for your space or collection. You need to start looking at work, attending art fairs, gallery shows.

But first and foremost, if you have phone and internet , you have access to world of art in your hands. Just go to Instagram and search for the kind of artwork you are looking for, or Google it. By the way, you can connect with me and my art  @urvashiartstudio on Instagram

You can start by searching using keywords like Colourful Abstract Art, Modern Art, Contemporary artist based in your Country, Town/City.

If you are looking for art direct from artist, best way is to find artist on Instagram and connect with their work. Start familiarising with their work by signing up to their email newsletter on their website, attending their virtual or private event, directly contacting them. If you feel that their work clicks with your taste then you are good to go.

If you are looking to buy art as an investment, you can start looking into local art galleries. But again it depends , if you want to make connection with artist or galleries.

Galleries charge 50- 70% percent commission from an artist so the gallery prices are different than buying directly from an artist.

It depends on you but I would say if the artwork is going to be on your wall and you will be looking at it every day, then go for what catches your heart and soul instead for looking at it as investment thing.

PROS of buying artwork direct from artist

  1. One to one connection with an artist. You get to know artist and their story which makes you feel more connected to the artwork you are buying.
  2. You get amazing artwork in very affordable price compared to galleries as gallery art considers 50 to 70% added as commission in the pricing.
  3. You get regular updates from artist on new collections and you can even work directly with artist on bespoke pieces.
  4. Same as galleries, many artists do their own art shows. As a valuable collector and patron, you get special invites to their private views or art shows.
  5. Last but not the least, what's better than getting artwork direct from the source.

CONS of buying artwork direct from artist (There are actually no real Cons that can't be solved)

  1. You don't know if that artist is worth investing. But, this can be worked out based on how long artist is doing their job and you can make sure if they are going to stay in the art world based on their persistence and investing in their early days sometimes makes the work more valuable.
  2. Quality of the artwork itself. You can ask artist on the type of material they use, Go and see the artwork by visiting them in their studios, or even on Instagram live or stories or video calls you can make sure of the quality of their work.
  3. Galleries take full responsibilities of Artwork authenticity by providing you certificate of authenticity and invoice. Again this can't be deal breaker as artist can do the same for you. You just need to ask them to make sure they provide you Certificate and Invoice.
  4. Galleries predict the value of artist and artwork which is difficult to predict. For this check artist's profile like if they have done any gallery show or previously or currently being represented by any galleries. How much artist put effort in getting their work out. This determines the value. Again nothing is certain in art market.

So now you know the Pros and Cons of buying artwork directly from an artist.

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