Peace/ethical Silk Scarf - Cape for the superwoman in you

Peace/ethical Silk Scarf - Cape for the superwoman in you

Last week, I announced my project of launching 100% silk scarf with beautiful floral designs.

Inspired by my mum’s story , I wanted to launch this line as cape for superwoman.

I was so happy that I found perfect supplier but my happiness was for short time.
No, nothing wrong with the supplier. They produced 100% organic silk in the UK.
But, I was curious and started looking into process of making silk and I find it is horrid. Cocoons are being boiled before they hatch which obviously kill them but that's how we get that luxurious silk.

Most of the silk is produced that way even the most luxurious brand use those silk because of the increased demand and fast production.

It takes time for cocoon to hatch and break it and fly away as moth. Also, while it is hatching it is feeding on the silk and so there is very little silk left .

If I source my own silk and get it printed, l will need to raise demands of atleast 400 pieces of scarf as they won’t be able to print limited pieces due to the complex process involved in printing.

Here in this video I am sharing the problem with sourcing ethical silk. Being a small business it is challenging to raise demand for large number of order to make it happen. 

Checkout my Instagram video where I am sharing the inspiration story here

But after I discovered the process of making silk, I started looking for alternatives that are ethical and sustainable. 

In this video,  talking about the process of making silk and alternatives. 

Now to make my dream project of making cape for the superwoman. I need your support.

Go ahead and sign up for the waiting list for the  ethical silk scarves. Sign up at Silk Scarf Waiting List 


So far I have found options like Bamboo Silk, Orange Peel Silk, Tencel but I am not sure if it will have the same lustrous look.

Below are the designs that I want to bring to life

Peace Silk Scarf- Urvashi Patel

Peace Silk Scarf Burgundy- Urvashi Patel