Learn everything about Giclee Art Prints

Learn everything about Giclee Art Prints

If you are an art collector, looking for fine art prints with best quality inks and surface whether it's canvas or paper. You have come to right place.

First, What is Giclee Print?

It is the name of the technique used to make fine art prints. It is usually referred for High quality art prints.
The term Giclee is pronounced as ‘jee-clay’ comes from French word 'gicleur' which means 'to spray'.

Giclee printing use 8-12 inks to produced the prints.

How long the printing colours will last?

What if I say, 100+ years? Yes, this printing technique is resistant to fading and is being used by high end galleries and artists to produce their artwork as prints.

What kind of paper or surface is used for printing?

High quality 100% Cotton, Linen or Canvas.

To produce this prints, artists needs to provide 300 dpi resolution scanned copy of the artwork to the printers.

Though prints, doesn't gives the feeling of those texture that comes with the original pieces of art. You won't regret your decision on buying prints as the vibrant colours and feelings of the textural marks are so detailed in the prints that it resembles the original piece of art.

What kind of Ink is used for printing?

It depends on suppliers/printers. At Urvashi Art Studio, our printer use water based inks which are eco friendly.

If you are looking for a canvas giclee prints, we have Framed and Unframed option at Urvashi Art Studio.

Our Frames, wood is supplied from FSC approved forests which add to our eco friendly mission. Local fulfilment of prints reduce carbon emission.

Our packaging is done in a cardboard box which are made from recycled materials.

Hope you learned about Giclee Prints today and next time when someone ask you about Giclee art prints. You can talk like a Pro.

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