Art for Mental Health Wellness - Urvashi Art Studio

Art for Mental Health Wellness

As my new collection goes live on 20th February.

I have another art project in line already.

My Next Art Project/Collection is for Mental health wellness.

Watching all the news about NHS nurses, Kids stuck at home and all of us are going through mental turmoil.
I myself have felt few months of anxiety and felt ill during the middle of first phase of lockdown.

I am so much grateful for my art to heal me and get me out of this turmoil.

I want to keep these sessions free to make my contribution and give you time and opportunity to do something that not only gives you joy but heals you.

Stay tuned for next update on this as I will have to invest in good camera setup to film videos to go live.

If you think this could help someone. Share it.

Art therapy is given much importance in addition to traditional mental therapies.
I feel creating art or involving in any form of art gives chance to slow down and explore ourselves.

Art therapy improves mental health of people who are dealing with depression, dementia, eating disorders, relationship issues and more.

It's not about how beautiful art you create but focusing on the process. Process of creating art itself is so satisfying and gratifying. Creating art purely for the process and not worrying about creating masterpiece helps a lot in expressing emotions.

As an artist, I have experience the benefits in dealing with the feeling of loneliness. Being in the new country, surrounded by new people is a challenge. I found an abode in creating art.

I feel through art, I have discovered myself, learnt to appreciate my worth, it helps releasing emotions, relieve stress and helps my mind and body to relax.

Through my new project, I want to give permission to everyone who wants to create art but always steps back thinking they are not good. Remember it is the process that matters. Find joy in the process.

For this initiative, I will be doing Free painting sessions. It could be live or filmed videos.Platform and days to be confirmed yet.

I will share more details, about exact date and time.
This will be completely free sessions and no strings will be attached. Anyone can join live sessions and paint with me.