Acid Free Paper for the lasting legacy of the artwork

Acid Free Paper for the lasting legacy of the artwork

Have you been coming across this term “Acid Free” Paper and don’t know why it’s important? Then, I am gonna share few things about it here.

What does it even mean to be “Acid Free” paper?

Well, in simplest way I would say , Acid paper doesn’t turn yellow and can stay longer than 1000 years which is important to preserve any artwork’s legacy.

Acid free paper are sometimes referred as archival quality.

Standard paper are made of wood pulp and they turn yellow as they get older and even damage the other papers stored with it.

Lignin in standard paper deteriorate the paper over time.

Acid free paper is made from purified wood pulp to remove lignin and acid.

Cotton fibers a naturally acid free and so canvas made from 100% cotton are archival quality.

There many forms of acid free paper. They come as acid free foam board, storage box, tapes, mount boards, packaging tissue.

Many artists do pay attention to all of these details to provide the best service and artwork quality.

If you are not sure, then do ask an artist from whom you are purchasing.

Tips: if not displayed on the wall, store your artworks in archival storage box wrapped in archival covers as if it is stored with other standard papers it may deteriorate your artwork.

Hope you find this helpful. Artwork quality is determined by all these small details.